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I am in love with hand made art, crafts, accessories and the like. It's very luxurious  having a something that can't be mass produced or bought at Target. Don't get me wrong- I love Target- except when they display the Peeps by the bikinis ( that tragic shopping trip here). I used to be a brand whore with no less than 20 limited edition Coach bags, hundreds of designer shoes and accessories. Somewhere along the way I realized I was financing the material war I swore I hated. It also hated seeing a 13 year old kid carrying the same $400 bag I had. WTF- I worked a decade before I could buy a designer bag and suddenly mine didn't seem so special. I sold pretty much the entire collection.

I had a reality pocket book check and started buying accessories and art directly from the artist- and got the first hand story of how my new trinket came to be. Isn't that lovey? And when people ask me where something came from- it's much nicer to say "I got it from this artist and this is what she was thinking and was inspired by when she made it" than it is to say "I got it at Macy's- they have a thousand of them". If you read this blog much- you know I am immensely excited about designing my new office and I can not wait to share with you some of the fantastically beautiful and whimsical items I have stumbled across.

I hope you will be inspired by the featured artists and buy directly from them or maybe create your own! I am in conversations with a few fabulous artists that I hope you will love as much as I do. Most importantly- please support them. To be featured on the HB Arts & Crafts page the artist must be hand made, inspire, be whimsical, edgy, unique and hopefully made by a woman. Don't cry boys, if you have something fabulous you make, email me...Skinny Cat loves you, too. I will be sure to share lots of their work on the SK FB page, also.

You all are supporting me by reading and sharing my blog. I can not believe how readership has sky rocketed. This is me giving back to others that are following their artsy fantasies, too.




6/26 Marianne McGrath

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