Top 10

Your top 10 All Time favorite posts! Who said left overs have to be icky?

1. I'll Have The Hot and Cheesy WTF Plate

2. It's Momster Season

3. Cake Wrecks, The Village People & Ax Murderers

4. More Lies From Mommyland

5. Fucktards & Ass Monkeys

6.  Balls Out

7. Artsy Chicks: Feast Your Eyes on This!

8. Fist Boners & Douche Canoes

9.  Junk Scratching: Have To or Want To?

10. Driving Ms. Crazy

Which posts got knocked out of the Top 10...

 Free Mercy! Four Days Only!

What Are You Trying To Say Exactly?

 Well, At Least I'm Not Pregnant

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