Friday, February 25, 2011

Fly Me To The Moon

I'm a very patriotic person. I love my country and appreciate all of the freedoms we have.  I used to believe that we had the safest food supply on the planet. Safety + abundance + choices makes food one of the reasons I love this place and makes it very easy for a Fat Cat to buy the right foods to become a Skinny Cat. Open your eyes at the grocery store next time and behold the shit ton of variety we have. Plus our government takes special care to make sure our food is safe and we dedicate capital- B-illions of $$$ to have the right resources to monitor our food supply. Well, I thought it was to monitor our food supply.

Get this, a recent FDA test conducted on milk showed that EVERY milk sample pulled from various grocery stores had pesticides, BGH (Bovine Growth Hormone) and perchlorate. Perchlorate? That's the chemical in rocket fuel that makes it ignite. ROCKET. FUEL. No worries though, none of the agents were above what the FDA says is "safe" for human consumption BUT developing girls and pregnant/nursing Mommies should monitor their intake of said rocket fuel (not sure how we do that since FDA doesn't mandate that milk co's. list the amount , much less presence, of perchlorate on the packaging). And just as an aside- since when the fuck is it OK to drink pesticides and rocket fuel, much less safe to do so? Computer-assisted analysis of federal dietary data shows that by drinking milk contaminated with the levels of perchlorate found in the study,  you would get a daily dose of rocket fuel larger than the level currently considered safe by the EPA So much for "safe" levels set by the FDA! It has also been found to be a carcinogen, cause immune issues and block the absorption of calcium (ummm isn't that why we drink milk?). Oh and those billions I mentioned above, they actually are spent to prop up the dairy farms, pay for those "Got Milk" commercials and  underwrite the world's largest lab rat experiments (that's us in case you weren't soaking in what I wrote above).

Oh you drink organic milk so you're safe...nope step into your WTF panties and read on! Although the FDA restricts the cows that give us the milk from  ingesting these agents they DO allow this crap to be  added to the feed that said milk cow eats! Oh you don't drink milk so you're safe- negative. It's in anything from milk: cheese, yogurt, ice cream, Hamburger Helper mix, cream based soups and any other product that contains milk. Happy cows my ass!

Won't pasteurization be sufficient in getting rid of the bad stuff? Nope, but it does damage milk's protein structure and significantly impairs calcium absorption and nutritional value. It also destroys a host of naturally occurring digestive enzymes, including lactase (which when missing- makes you lactose intolerant). Aren't we all supposed to be sporting milk mustaches and chirping "got milk" while high fiving each other as we chug down our calcium, vitamin D rich, build your bones cocktail of wholesome yumminess?  Sure, next time I want to shoot a flame out of my ass and launch to the moon like a freakin' space ship - then I will drink some more milk. Until then, this girl is gonna just say no to dairy and give the FDA the bird!

Milk, it wrecks your body good!


  1. Thanks for this info! I had no idea. Ick.

  2. I had to Goolge this because I could't belive it. So much for trustin thelabels on food!

  3. Pretty much makes you have a freak out and run home to throw away your dairy products, insane.