Wednesday, March 2, 2011

There's a Pig In My Beans

There are lots of potential opportunities to be an epic failure in trying to go veg. Used to be, I would mindlessly eat. Mostly because I didn't care that much about me and I thought, "what the hell, there are always sweat pants as a wardrobe choice if I eat too much queso!". Secondly, pretty much all foods were on the table (except bugs, organ meats and stuff with bones...ick!). Now I have to think about everything I want to nosh on- especially if it is in a restaurant. Thank goodness my Main Squeeze has lots of vegetarian experience and is always handy to keep me from falling off the food wagon accidentally (OK maybe accidentally on purpose). He has lots of other experience too, but to list the top 10 here would be bragging and borderline pornographic.

We went out to eat last night and he said he wanted Mexican food. Before 2/14 I would of been all kinds of excited- yum i'll take cheese dip, beef fajitas and barracho beans! Oh glorious fiesta of indigestion- I can't wait to hug you again! However, it is post V Day 2011 (if you don't know what that fun day entailed- read here: ) and I am obsessed with eating right (right to me- not necessarily by definition of everyone else's right so don't email a nasty gram to me accusing me of preaching..m'kay?). The mention of Mesa Rosa made my heart race and holy shit what could I possibly eat there and stay on track? That place is a dieter's hell with every kind of land and sea animal available on a tortilla covered in cheese. Could I possibly make dinner out of chips and salsa?

So I study the menu and figure Shrimp Fajitas would be OK- I mean that is technically meat but I don't feel bad about those little water roaches getting whacked in the name of nutrition, plus it's my only option besides a guacamole salad and salsa!

Main Squeeze asks the waitress to put the shrimp on the side (nicely played M.S.).

Now what kind of beans...i'll take barracho! Yum!

M.S.:  There is bacon and lard in that dish.

Fuck. I love those beans- or I did.

OK I will not cry about that and I will have refried beans- see look at me staying on track!

MS: Lard in those too.

Ugh. Black beans?

We have a winner!

Thank you Main Squeeze, for saving my ass (and I mean that quite literally) and always looking out for me. You make this whole journey fun, educational and sorta hot !

Veggie Fajitas, Black Beans & Rice @ Mesa Rosa

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  1. Interesting call from my sister in Hawaii...she let me know those tortillas probably have lard in them, too. Geeez- so many meat traps!