Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's Not Nice To Laugh At Crazy People...But It's Fun!

 I just want to thank you to all of your reading along and laughing with/at me and my mental instability(ies). Because of your support you :

A) Give me a creative outlet that does not involve me having to talk to myselves as much as usual. I mean, we still talk, I still like all of us, but shiny new friends are always a plus!

B) I don't have to go on a murderous rampage because of pent up stress and/or eat hamburgers and Ho-Ho's until I can't walk out of my house and the nice people from TLC have to cut me out of my room and share the video with the world. Fuckers. Probably wouldn't let me do my hair and makeup before show time either.Wonder if Coach and Ralph Lauren make designer mu-mu's. I should check into this. Just in case.

C) My friend Carrie won't have to spend $500 to bail me out of jail because of B, and she won't have the opportunity to post my walk of shame jail parade in a bright orange jumpsuit and very tacky flip flops to Face Book. She would do this. And laugh. I loves her anyway. She's the kind of BFF that would laugh if my boob slipped out of my shirt and tell me to tuck the girls in after everyone got a peek. She is also the kind of BFF that would bring a shovel and help me bury a body- no questions asked. I shall keep her.

So thanks for keeping me in business. Well, not in business, because that would imply I somehow made money doing this. I mean, I don't make cash- but I do take less Xanax and drink a little less because I get to fly my emotional freak flag here. So that's sort of a profit. Anyway- here's who's reading and laughing because they stumbled across my wee little blog and realized there is someone in the world more screwed up than they are and it really could be worse!

Glad I can help, Kittens!

United States
: 392
Germany: 4
China: 3
Canada: 1
Russia: 1
Sweden: 1
Singapore: 1


  1. You are the best medicine, me and my inner selves, love reading about yours...we must be related....
    Wait, we are!!!

  2. Your title caught my attention. Your writing will bring me back. I'm pretty sure I've had these same conversations in my head before. so, so fun!

  3. Thank you, Busy Mama! Glad to have you (and all of your selves) along for the crazy trip!