Saturday, June 4, 2011

Was That A Tear?

I was not a popular kid in school. Ever. I just sort of blended in and tried super hard to melt into the walls of lockers that silently lined the corridors. I secretly always hated it and wondered more than a gazillion times "why NOT me?". Who doesn't though- we all have our thing that makes us feel like the kick me spotlight is shining down on us and there is no running away- and worse- no soft place to fall once we crash from exhaustion.

For once in my life I can say that it was probably a good thing. Had I been that [insert the kid/clique that made you homicidal in high school] kid , there is no way in hell I would be appreciative of  you all now. There is always that one moment in every life when you survey those around you and feel epically special and all of that anxiety from years of feeling no where near special just slough off and fade into the dirt.  Maybe it is being crowned Prom Queen, or when  you graduated college or perhaps finally earned that big promotion. My moment is now. It is everytime I check my bloggity stats and comments, which I  assure you is about 3 bazillion times a day. I am blown away every time I log in and see another follower, another tic up on my stats and a comment from someone I never knew was reading along. I am humbled by you, your support and your criticism.

Thank you. Thank you for taking time from your life to check in on mine. For laughing  with me and at me. For correcting my grammar or telling me to cuss a little less. Thank you for sharing my bloggity with your friends, for reposting on Face Book and re-Twittering my tweets. You are graciously letting me stand on your shoulders as I reach up to grasp my dream from the heavens. There are no words to express how much writing for your pleasure has inspired me and how very much I appreciate that you are letting me peek into your day and make you laugh, cry, think or learn a new curse word. Being me right now is beyond epic and I am struck every time you visit this site. Every. Time.

Thank you deeply.
Thank you truly.
Thank you for being my soft place to fall.

To the 2,057 of you from the USA
To the 89 of you from Canada
To the 82 of you from the U.K
To the 16 of you from Germany
To the 15 of you from the Netherlands
To the 15 of you from Australia
To the 15 of you from Greece
To the 10 of you from Singapore
To the 6 of you from New Zealand
To the 6 of you from Italy
To the 3 of you from Spain
To the 3 of you from China
To the 3 of you from France
To the 2 of you from Bulgaria
The 2 of you from Chile
To the 1 of you in Egypt
I thank you.

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 See , bet you didn't  think I could write a post without saying mother fucker, did ya?


  1. that was awesomesauce, i love those moments when you sit back and wonder at how lovely the world is. now write something more for me to read or else i'll have to do some work! :D *cracks whip*

  2. The register link is wonky for whatever reason.

    Also, you can have your hyperlinks automatically open in a new tab by reformatting the HTML tag like so (slightly modified to allow post in comments):

    normal opening of tag + href="http://whatever"
    target="_blank">yourtext + normal closing tag

    That way you don't send people away from your page when all you really wanted to do was share a link with them =)

  3. If you weren't so funny and honest then you wouldn't be having us come around and then you wouldn't be shedding a tear, and your problem would be solved... and that would be good because although you are funnier than a lot of other blogs I have read, you still ain't pretty with all that mascara running down your face!!!! And I haven't been following you for long, but I laugh whenever I open my Google Reader and there's a post in there from your blog:) PS... I'm one of those 89 Canadians that has visited your blog!

  4. Woo hoo! I made all three lists!!!