Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday : Well Slap My Ass And Call Me Skinny (er)

Well here we are again, Kittens. Another Wednesday and I have to say it has been good. Minus another 1.5 pounds and I wore a dress today that I haven't fit all of me into in quite a while. Like ever. I bought it last year - pledging to fit into it by Summer. Last Summer. But here we are - ready to kick off this shitastically hot  Summer- and I fit rather nicely into the dress that has been heckling me every time I have opened the closet door for the last 20 months. There is no feeling worse than wanting to wear a cute dress from the skinny side of the closet but they scare you off by offering you a bottle of Vaseline. Because schlepping grease all over your ass and thighs is the only chance you have of getting those clothes on. That and using the hooked head of a hanger to pull your zipper up. Stop laughing- you know you've done it too!

Little dress, you were silent today and did not laugh at me and yell, "Godzilla!". Nor did you ask me how long whales can be out of water before they kill over. Probably because I had a pair of scissors ready to slice your smart ass to shreds- but I prefer to believe your silence is due to your shock and awe over the fact that you can now see my chin. Singular. One. Chin.

Now- if you can always see your chin- you may not understand why today was so important. I haven't seen my pointy chin in about 8 years. Eight. So imagine my surprise and nirvana when I began to review the 50 pictures I took of my self for my WIW post today. Every one of them showed my chin. Now someone, and he shall remain anonymous so Carrie doesn't feel all protective and kick his ass, said this picture looks Jay Lenoish. Well thank you very much! Because if Jay Leno came to mind- that means you can see my glorious fucking chin also! So thank you for noticing! In the next couple of weeks I hope you think I look Cherish- because that will mean my cheek bones are finally coming out of the dark! Sweet victory, bitches!

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  1. Leno? You look great- I can't believe you think you have weight to lose!

  2. I had my stiletto at the ready to beat a certain person who shall remain nameless for the Leno comment.

    High five my gorgeous friend. You show that bitch dress who's boss!

  3. Very nice picture! Congrats on the loss...

  4. Leno? Seriously? That person needs their eyes checked.

    I think you look gorgeous! You look like my Momma did when she was young. The angle of the photo, your eyes, nose and CHIN - yep, I think we may be related. LOL

  5. Woo hoo! That is wonderful. And to the person who made the Leno remark to you - fuck them and glad you can turn it into a positive.

    I love this picture of you. You look like my Momma when she was young and my Momma was an uber-hottie!

    I think we may be related, you look so much like her.