Sunday, September 4, 2011

Artsy Chicks: Water Cowgirl

My Sister can do anything. Literally.  Break both arms and still run cross country. Done. Learn a new language? Done...many times over. Go ahead and add extreme decorating, photographer, painter, professional barrel racer, horse whisperer, surfer, Mom to 8, devoted wife to one and  add globetrotter to the mix. Oh- and she can cook like a pro. I wanted to feature her today because she is an extremely talented artist and photographer- but also because as women go- she has the most giant pair of balls ever. You wouldn't believe the shit she has survived through- nightmare after nightmare- but she still never fails to see the beauty in people. If she wants it, she makes it happen, there is no waiting around for luck in her life. If you screw with her family- prepare to get the ass kicking of your life. A few years ago she and her husband said.,  "Hey , we're moving to Hawaii". And I was like ok how you gonna do that? One year later they landed in Oahu, she sold everything they had, and everything no one else wanted , and off they went. No jobs but a whole bunch of ambition to go live in paradise. She's resourceful and can make cash appear out of the air and turn it into a business and the sweet life. She's way better than me and I could never walk as tall as she does. She is fearless, epic, brilliant and beautiful. I love you Ugs, more than you knw!

Water Cowgirl

This is in my office. It's got texture, shine and bling- which makes it irresistable to me. When she put it up on Etsy- a shit ton of people tried to buy it right away- but alas- I won because I have major dirt on her!


  1. I soo love the collage you made , thanks for every thing, thanks for your support throughout our years.....Ugs

  2. I love seeing a friend, or anyone for that matter, having as close and loving as relationship with their sibling as I do with mine. It makes me very happy for you for I know the blessings such a relationship entails. How lucky we are. *hugs*