Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: 9.3.11

Picture of the week:
Happy Birthday, Cynie Bugs!!!
I looooovvvvvve you!

Me & my Big Sister Cynie Bugs

From Stacey Bell on Skinny Cat Facebook in regards to my posting about some sick ass whorebag...
"NyQuil: The nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, holy shit! There's a dragon in my kitchen! medicine." 

Most Read Post:
This thing went viral and racked up 400 hits in 2 hours. Spank you, to the fabulous person responsible for that! I have no idea who is responsible for this but I would love to know so I can dispatch a hot oil nekkid butt rub to you!

More Lies From Mommyland

What's Up For Artsy Chicks Tomorrow:
Tomorrow's Artsy Chick is my Big Sister , Ugs! These are her paintings BUT she also is a photographer, antique collector and jewelry hound. So aren't you lucky that you get to shop her Etsy site tomorrow! Show my sister some love tomorrow!

Bloggity of The Week:
I'm picking my BFF Carrie's was her birthday on Wednesday and man when I say it was high drama- you have no idea. So go show her some birthday love and a group hug!

Rocker Mom Rambles: I Have Lots To Say About Nothing

Rocker Mom FaceBook Page: How about some likes for the birthday girl!

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