Monday, September 5, 2011

More Than Cowboys & Bar B Que

How to help with the Texas fires...
Donations needed, volunteers, Red Cross amd donation drop off sites.
Scroll to the bottom of this page and do something.

UPDATE 9/5/11 12:44 PM:
The fire in Bastrop has now burned 24,000 acres,  more than 300 homes lost and thousands of displaced people. The fire is 16 miles long and 4 miles wide.
Austin Pets alive has taken in all of the dogs from fire affected shelters.
Austin Humane Society has the cats. See below for info.

UPDATE 9/5/11 3:13 PM:
There is an URGENT NEED for horse transport for evacuation in Bastrop County, TX. Barns that were used to house evacuees are now in the fire's path. Rt 304 still open both ways. Anyone in the area who can help, please call Beth at 512-467-4893 or Rachel at 512-581-2940.

The American Legion in Bastrop is accepting pets and livestock.

The Red Cross is asking all Bastrop Co. evacuees to go to their website and register on the Safe & Well list. Please do this so a firefighter doesn't risk his/her life to find you.

 I have been sitting here trying to write a piece about the epic fail I experienced at the taco stand Saturday. I can't think of a funny thing to say because the state I love is on fire. You can say what you want about Texas and believe all of the stereotypes that are out there about Texans. The truth is, if you're interested to get to know us, we are more than cowboys and bar-b-que. Texans as a people are well mannered, thoughtful, friendly, loyal and outstanding neighbors. We wave at strangers passing us on the road, we stop to help people that are in a broken down car or dealing with a broken down life. We help with each others kids, we show up for neighbors weddings and we carry each other through funerals. When the chips are down, there's no better place to be than a neighbor of a Texan.

Bastrop State Park: 6,000 acres and home to many thousands of unique wildlife.
It is surrounded by more than 3.000 homes, businesses, churches and schools.

Aside from our outstanding people, this state is amazingly beautiful. We have it all: canyons, mountains, deserts, plains, lakes, basins, rivers, the gulf coast, metropolises, ranches, skyscrapers, champion gulf courses and tremendous wildlife parks. We have every industry you can think of and our own militia. If there is something you want to see, do or be a part of- there is no need to leave the state border. Our culture is as diverse as our landscape but equally friendly and loyal. For about 24 hours we have been glued to our t.v.'s because Central Texas is burning down. Watching pastures burn up that will result in starving livestock and dramatic grocery price hikes. Watching rail yards burn and highways buckle that will result in the entire nation slowing from transportation issues because our highways are major trade corridors. A family friend in Bastrop has likely lost the house I sold to him when I was a Realtor, he was the best man at my wedding long ago and remains a true and loyal friend post divorce. Another friend who is a cowgirl to the bone has lost her horses. The horses that carried her to rodeo championships, but more importantly, have carried her with  love and friendship through some truly tragic life events. More than livestock- these horses were her friends. Her support. As I am writing this, I received a picture text from my sister in Austin, showing me their church on fire. The church we have all gone to numerous weddings, funerals, baptisms and most recently The Girl's and my Niece's graduation party.

These 3 photos are of Bastrop the City &  Bastrop State Park yesterday and last night. 3,000 acres have burned to the ground and it is still on fire. A total of 14,000 acres so far are gone. All residents were ordered to leave yesterday, most do not know if they have a home to return to. It's unlikely- as the fire has now spread to neighboring counties.

And it's still burning. The 6,000 acre Bastrop State Park is 50% burned- it's still on fire. Austin, Steiner Ranch, Cedar Park,  Pflugerville, Apache Shores and more towns have fires burning. My funny bone is aching for my friends and fellow Texans right now. It is so bad, that we have called all able firefighters  back to duty from retirement, vacations, days off and anyone willing to pick up a house and fight to save Texas. If you are given a chance to help, please do it. If you are in the Central Texas area, get ready to help clear debris, donate feed for livestock and help rebuild your neighbors house, barn and dreams. It's all hands on deck time and you can bet we will all be there ready with shovels, an ear to hear the heartaches and our hands full of dinner and cold drinks.

More of the fires in Central Texas yesterday - and still burning today.
Wanna Help?

  • Call Red Cross to volunteer at 512-928-4271
Where and how to donate
  • Email to get involved with providing supplies and relief for the families affected by the wildfires.
  • Red Cross is taking only monetary donations at this time. Check their website for partnership for food and clothing donation assistance.
  • Facebook page taking donations -- though no cash items.
  • Faith Family Services in Hutto is picking up clothing- and food donations for delivery to area pantries and organizations in direct contact with victims. They are also coordinating emergency housing with area homes. For more information, email or call 210-334-1708.
Drop-off locations for donations
Evacuee information and phone hotlines
  • Hays County evacuees can call: 512-753-2180
  • Travis County evacuees can call: 512-974-6199
  • For information on Bastrop fires: 512-332-8856 and 512-332-8814
  • All BISD campuses closed.
Twitter hashtags on the fire
  • #txfire
  • #txwildfire
  • #centraltxfires


  1. Thank you! I have been looking for ways to donate and I will go adopt a dog at Pets Alive today!!!

  2. Thanks for info!! It is sad & tough to see our lands, homes, vegetation, valuables, etc. burned to ashes. Fortunately, we have not lost a life *keeping-fingers-crossed. Thanks again!!

  3. Great job, in getting this infromation out to people. So many want to help and do not know where to go or how to contact facilities. I am very proud of you for what you have done.