Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Feel Pretty

Today- I just want to say thank you to all of you who follow along. It makes me all giggly with warm & fuzzies when I see my hit numbers rise, rise, rising! Makes me feel super special  and pretty and shiny- and that is one sentence that has zero sarcasm and all gratitude in it. Don't get all needy though- cause tomorrow I am back to sarcasm, piss and vinegar. Especially since it's weigh in day and my dinner will consist of Sprite & Cherry Vodka tonight so I don't have to royally embarrass myself with the number the fucking scale is bound to lie about. So....

Thank you! To the 1,021 of you from the U.S.A...
Thank you & Merci! To the 41 of you from Canada....
Thank you! To the 27 of you from the U.K....
Dank u! To the 12 of you from the Netherlands...
Thank you! To the 10 of you from Australia...
Danke! To the 10 of you from Germany... 
Thank you! To the 6 of you from New Zealand
Thank you! To the 5 of you from Singapore...I couldn't figure out how to say thank you in Malay :(
Gracias! To the 3 of you from Spain...
谢谢! To the 3 of you from China...
Thank you! To to the 1 in Egypt...Babel Fish had no translation for you ,either :(

Thank you to those of you who are registered and follow my blog:
  • Blessedmommieof3
  • Deporto 87
  • Carrie F.
  • AJ
  • Christina R.
  • Kate
  • Brooks C.
  • Catherine S.
Thank you to those of you who have liked the Skinny Cat FB page...
  • Sandra O.
  • Katy D.
  • Holly S.
  • Cat R.
  • Sarah L.
  • Lynda D.
  • Christina R.
  • Sonya H.F.
  • Jennifer V.
  • Michele L.
  • Melia K.
  • Tara B.
  • Lisa L.H.
  • Debi S.
  • Daniell D. W
  • Cat R. S.
  • Mandy M.
  • Brooks C.
  • Will W.
  • Ariya V.
  • BJ & Mora G.
  • Carrie F.
  • Christina R.
And now- I am on Twitter ...!/skinny_cat

So Thank you to the three of you there already! I just set it up last night!
  • SingleDad
  • Phoenix Pyra
  • SL Mother

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