Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Fixation Friday, Kittens: Meet My Super Twin, Carrie

Happy Friday, Kittens! In keeping with Fixation Friday tradition ( a whole 2 weeks of tradition) I am going to introduce you to Carrie- my BFF for 20 years and one of my fixations. I totally love love Carrie. You know that if you have been reading this blog at all, she is partially responsible for who I am now and for all of the times I might have had to beg a nice police officer to not arrest me. She has a mad amount of dirt on me and can likely name every skeleton in my closet and tell you a funny story about him. If The Man would let me pick a Sister Wife, I would pick her. She is an epic woman AND she wears the same size shoe as me AND she can color hair AND she is an artist. Holy crap it would be winning all around if The Man would just let me keep her! She is put simply- a bury a body friend. And that says everything!  So without further whatever- Kittens- meet my Super Twin- Carrie Ryan!

*Applause* Glitter* Pink Sparkles*

Look at me, I’m a guest author! Makes things so official, like I’m an actual “somebody” who people want to listen to. Whatever, I’m having one of those all about me days, so I’ll run with it. Although, today I’m supposed to be writing about my friend, Cat and it’s supposed to be all about her… this could
get tricky. Watch me somehow manage to make my blog about her somehow also be all about me without anyone noticing. This is kind of a gift I have. Gather round, Cat’s Kittens, for this story, we’re going to go back to the beginning. We like to call this “The Early Nineties” or “When The Claws Came Out”…See, I was all barely 21 and just starting at a new job while I finished college. Cat was (barely, just like, a day or two) older than me, and had been there for a bit. She couldn’t stand me. Instant, deep,
want to bury a stiletto into my forehead hated me, as matter of fact. Now, here’s a little secret about your Auntie Carrie. When someone doesn’t like her? She either decides they have vanished from the planet, only to be cold shouldered any time they make contact, or it drives her NUTS and she is determined to make friends.

We Then: Carrie & Cat

This was one of those “must make friends” instances. Somehow, we ended up out somewhere with a group of folks, enjoying adult beverages, had one of those silly drunk girl “I love you man” fests, and were inseparable from that point on. Our nickname was “Double Trouble” and we earned that badge of honor every day. We learned really important things like when you’re out of beer money, two hot blonde chicks who kiss at the bar don’t have to worry about drinks for the next 4 hours… or weeks. During those first few years, I found out what an amazing, talented, bad ass, take no prisoners woman my friend Cat was. We went through some serious shit together, and she always pulled herself up, got stronger, kicked whatever ass needed kicking and did it all while looking uber hot. Those are skills few ever are able to pull off. She’s got a razor sharp tongue (and if you’re just now finding this out, you have obviously been reading someone else’s blog… maybe some grandma talking about crochet and shit), fashion sense to be rivaled by none, and one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen. She doesn’t let a whole lot of folks in there, so those of us who are blessed to have some real estate in the fair city of Cat Gives a Rat’s Ass About You, consider ourselves damn lucky.

We Now: Carrie & Cat

Here we are, a couple of decades later, still able to pick up where we left off on a conversation that happened weeks ago without a hitch in our step. I still occasionally find myself in a situation like this:

Carrie – (Insert something stupid or borderline insulting)

Cat – “Excuse me?” (Fixes Carrie with piercing stare/head tilt/here’s your chance to backpedal before I throw you off the balcony of the restaurant and drink your margarita)

Carrie – “What? Who said that? OMG, look at those shoes, I think they have diamonds on them!”

Cat – “Ooh, sparkles?”

Carrie – (to the waitress) “Can we get another round here?”

Cat – “What were we talking about?”

Carrie – “I’m pretty sure we were talking about how dumb boys are”

Cat – “Yes, you’re right”

You have to love a woman who can tell you there’s something in your teeth, balance a job/family/ incredible sense of style, curse like a sailor, shoot a big gun, make you laugh when you’re down, help bury the body of the person who let you down, and be there every single time you reach out… even those times when you didn’t know you needed someone.

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