Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm Baaaack! Have I told you lately that I love you? Because of you- I am in round 3 of Blogger Idol! Is that bitchtastic or what!!! I've been in New City painting our new house. It was fucking 109 degrees there! Holy fuck ya'll- my hair is a wreck!
I am toiling away at a new post for you today: Olive Garden made me want to set it on fire, I learned a lesson in being a good small town neighbor and also learned that next time I go camping in a vacant house for 4 days- I will remember to bring my coffee pot. I had ONE- 1- Uno- Fucking One cup of coffee while I was there. I'm surprised I didn't make it onto the national news under the headline of "Honey Badger Goes Ape Shit Crazy And Burns The Town Down".
That and this weeks Blogger Idol assignment is a twist, a challenge and  high risk. Two of us will be kicked to the curb like dirty hookers this week. Gah- like this week isn't stressful enough with meeting The Girl's boyfriends parents today, squaring her college stuff away tomorrow, Blogger Idol assignment and Bad Girl's Happy Hour Tuesday, packing and cleaning Wednesday and then  moving 300 miles away on Thursday. Nope , no  stress this week- just lots of whiskey and coffee. Lots.

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  1. Your week is stressing ME out!!