Saturday, July 2, 2011

In Pictures: Honey Badger Slumber Party

Carrie and I had our annual Honey Badger Slumber Party last night. I use "annually" lightly since the last time we did this was when The Girl was 2, she is now 18. So here it is- us acting like drunk twelve year olds.

I arrived at Carrie's with all of this. And left this morning
with only my sun tan lotion. We never made it to the pool.

Cat & Carrie. Pre tequila. Wait- maybe somewhere in
between bottles one and three.

Carrie's Margarita recipe:
1 can of frozen mix.
1/2 bottle of  Cuervo.
  And this goes down on Face Book- just as the drunken tards typed it:

was just called a dirty whore... and I was RIGHT! Wait, where's my invitation to Honey Badger Happy Hour? Oh, it's in my event list? GONG! Who's the dirty whore?

Oh fuck you made me delete my fucking novel rebuttal...I meant I tin the best possible way, you are me dirty whore shero, and I did too invite you on I'M. So go pour me another margarita you dirty whore.

Hahhaqhaha! Hey slut bag, go find a dictionary.

Slut bag? Taht's Mistress Slut Bag to you Dirty Whore...adn I just peed on your couch.

Damn good thing it's leather.... you can find the Depends in the hall closet for all of my other friends who are almost 40...

Don't need it tahnks though. I'mgonna go rap under your pillow.

Please excuse me while i cry after you pointed out that when i laugh really hard i have i giant vein in my forehead....

You looked very skinny in the picture- like totally. You have a glow about you. Except for that vein. Muhahahahah!

Don't make fun of my throbbing vein. Jackass

Cause I might wanna spoon it later ? haahahahahahah!

Wow. Tequila anyone?

Weezie, what? You're bringing us tequila because we are out????

Weezie stops in to make sure we are still breathing.
She does not bring us more tequila, though.

I love you Carrie. See I drew a "brd" for you to prove it.

The Girl calls to tell me she has stubbed her toe and it's bleeding
all over the place. We proceed to scream in the phone and tell her
to put peroxide on it so it doesn't rot off. She is 18 and thinks we
are idiots. But that's what you get when you call the drunk Moms.

Know what goes well with Tequila? Pancakes.

Nighty night!

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