Sunday, August 28, 2011

Artsy Chicks: Tinder & Bloom

My cell phone and  gadgets are homeless. If I need to pack them all up , they are hidden in my carry everything I own sized Coach bag. That's sad- but I hate the cases that are offered up for gadgets! They are either black, black nylon or craptastic cheap plastic mass produced hot messes. I want something artsy, unique and not stamped "Made in China". I have finally found exactly what I have been looking for: beautiful, leather, limited and hand crafted. You won't believe these works of art are phone cases! My favorite? The wolf and the bird- although I would happily carry any of these!

Tinder & Bloom
Recovering Fine Arts graduate. Maker of fine things. Influenced by my Turkish, American, and Japanese cultures. Strong belief in quality well made creations that are beautiful, functional, and durable. Quality and attention to detail being my highest priority. Currently working in leather and utilizing my graphic design skills to create fun and functional leather accessories. I am a crafts person, I enjoy crafting well made objects, getting to know my material on an intimate level, collecting shiny sparkly things,and decayed patina'd things with a story. Putting it all together. :-)

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  1. These are fantastic! And a GREAT Xmas gift store!

  2. Thanks for your kind words!

  3. Absolutely- thanks for the awesome alternatives to the cookie cutter crap out there! I would love to know how you do this- not because I want to do it- because it looks hard and I am 0% crafty- but do you paint that on or print it on leather? It's awesome stuff!

  4. I just got one of these cases for my Galaxy Tab (the Great Wave) and it is just beautiful! I immediately ordered one (Sakura plum blossoms) for my new little Kindle. The workmanship is beautiful and the quality us top notch...and definitely not something everyone else will have!