Saturday, August 13, 2011

8.13.11 Weekly Wrap Up

Because last weekend was my 40th birthday and the designated Facebook Day of Gluttony & Debauchery (Coincidence? I think not!), I took the day off to have a four day birthday party. Ugs, here are some pics. for you since you said you couldn't swim from Hawaii...

We took the girls to see the prairie dogs.
Didn't know we would see their leader, too!

Me & Big Sister
Hmmm wine , beer , shots or all?

Sister B. whipping up la familias favorite rice!
The girls wouldn't come unless I promised she would make rice.
Big Brother bar b que: ribs, beer, fajitas,
beer, chicken, beer and some sausage.
Mmmm meat coma!
Zombies on my couch. Ok, drunk zombies.

Sister, Brother & Me
We missed you, Ugs!

"Can't believe some guy came into our lobby and had serious bad bathroom all over it. Um.... EW. I'm so leaving out the back door today. He left his shoes out by the curb. I'm gagging just from the thought."

I found this picture and looked at it a while and then busted out laughing. Do you see anything wrong here?

See conversation here!

Most Read Post:
A tie this week!

Maggot Toe & Childbirth: Part One
Maggot Toe & Childbirth: Part D'oh!

Shoe Porn:
First non-stiletto- but just as awesome & dangerous!

See the details about this boot here!

What's Up for Artsy Chicks Tomorrow:
Artist & jewelry maker Erin Cunningham! You are going to LOVE this Honey Badger jewelry! And one of the pictures on Artsy Chicks Sunday will be given away in the Fall Fabulous Honey Badger contest!

What's New:
Fall Fabulous Honey Badger contest kicks off tomorrow at noon CST. Go see the sponsors here. If I were you, I would be the first one to join when registration opens up. Just sayin'...

Best Bloggity Post I Read:
This bloggity entry is the full story on the quote of the week! I could not stop laughing. Props to the Office Manager who cleaned it up ...NO WAY would I touch the watery deuce explosion. No. Way. Go get your giggle on here:  Rocker Mom Rambles

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