Saturday, August 20, 2011

8.20.11 Weekly Wrap Up

From Skinny Cat FB Fan Katy Dain (Hi Katy!):
"This sounds like Jose Cuervo's #1 lie!". In response to my Wednesday post,  see it here!


Grocery store inadvertently reinforces crude cultural stereotype.

Most Read Post:
My ordeal with Fucktard PD ( Read it here) .

What's Up for Artsy Chicks Tomorrow:

This Artsy Chick will knock your socks off with her humor (don't worry- she can make new socks for you). I totally love her style and humor and I know you will, also! I was giggling just at her profile, "I hope to one day earn the meager wage I received in non-profit management through my hooking... ". Haaa- hooking , you say!

What's New:

The Fall Fabulous Challenge is in full swing! I can not wait to see your progress on Wednesday!

**Challenge Contestant's: By Tuesday evening 8PM CST you need to post your weight to my blog. I moderate all comments and approve before posting so no worries- they won't be shown- only I will see them- then delete them. Also, on the  Weigh in Wednesday post next week (and every week) , please post a comment that you want to share about how your first week went, what you did , what you changed and so on. Thank you!**

Best Bloggity Post I Read:
Not so much a post- but a great place to go when you are having a shitty day- because someone here has failed more epically than you did!

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