Tuesday, August 2, 2011

While Your Were Sleeping

I grabbed your top 10 favorite posts to read while the bloggity is being revamped! Happy reading, Kittens, and I will see you back here by Noon CST Wednesday  8.3.11 with a new format, a new post on ass hats that are bugging me into bitch mode, an updated Dirty Dictionary and a collection of fun things to look at when your boss is sharking around and you don't have time to read.

See, I love you!

10. Free Mercy! Four Days Only!

9. What Are You Trying To Say Exactly?

8. Well, At Least I'm Not Pregnant

7. Junk Scratching: Have To or Want To?

6. Artsy Chicks: Feast Your Eyes on This!

5. Balls Out

4. Fucktards & Ass Monkeys

3. Cake Wrecks, The Village People & Ax Murderers

2. I'll Have The Hot and Cheesy WTF Plate

1. Driving Ms. Crazy

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